M. Robinson, Principal

"The Base10 team, changed my company’s trajectory. For years, I ran the company as a startup despite high-profile and high-value clientele. Within months of working with Base10, BDS tripled in profit and expanded our reach. Their attention to detail is unmatched, but it’s their passion for helping companies ‘craft their story’ that makes them invaluable. My appreciation for Base10 is ineffable. Needless to say, Base10 will always have me as a client.”


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Chiefs On Tap

Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes the vision requires more dedicated support from the Executive team. Unfortunately, time and opportunity don't line up. With our Executive Support for the C-Suite, we help strategize and execute initiatives by inserting individuals or teams with our Chief of Staff services for any sector of your business. 

We specialize in Operations, People, Policy, Technology and DEI. 

Workplace Culture Consulting

Enhance Your Organization's Culture

Employee relations can no longer focus solely on employee discipline, documentation, policy interpretation and application. The workplace is now a place where an employee spends more than 50% of their active hours. Therefore, the care and environment that is needed for them to be successful and truly FEEL valued and like they belong is required more than ever.

Image by Ian Schneider

Leadership Development

Expert Guidance

The old guard of leadership is moving out and the leaders of tomorrow are at the door. They need a different, more specific, training to ensure they will properly sustain and fortify the foundation that was laid before them. We connect your leaders (and prospective leaders) with our partner at ZDMartin and provide 1-on-1 coaching, focusing on Employee Relations, through empathetic, servant leadership strategies.


A. Ross, CEO

"Working with Melissa at Base10 has been one of the highlights of my career - she made me a better leader because of her commitment to feedback and collaborative problem-solving."