• Zachary Martin

Recovery is Mandatory

Are you an #executive or #leader (in any capacity)? What do you do to help yourself recover?

In a space where you’re always thinking, strategizing, leading, building, and teaching, how do you refuel?

We must remember that recovery time is just as important as the building time. Too often we believe that sleep equals recovery, but sleep is only one part of the recovery process. If you do not allow yourself to recover properly, by doing things that bring you joy, and allows your brain to turn off from what it does the majority of the time- then you create a space where you are depleting little by little, and will soon hit a point of collapse. Some people call the collapse burnout, frustration, exhaustion, but what it really is- is a lack of quality restoration space and time.

Restoring ourselves is a mandatory part of being a human being. And just because of your family, your financial status, your social status, or your corporate status, that does not mean you have the ability to forgo proper restoration techniques.

What do I do to help recover? Sometimes it’s listening to an #audiobook. Sometimes it is going to the driving range at 8:15 AM right after I take my son to school. Or sometimes it’s going to a movie or meal by myself. Any of these, in addition to personal meditation time. Whatever I do, the goal is to rest my mind and restore, so I can be better equipped and have the capacity for the people I need to pour into and serve.

The hardest part about this is understanding what you need to actually recover. It’s not doing what everybody else thinks you should do, or even do the same things that others do. This is the time to focus on what you, and only you need. And, it may not be what you used to do (remember, you're forever evolving). I encourage you to search for yourself and try new things to help you recover the way that your mind and body requires in these times of depletion. Even when there seems to be no available time to carve out in your day; just like you make time for that show, for that extra meeting, to finish that extra little piece of work, or just do what somebody else wants you to do - you must make the time. Just as you make the time for those other things and commit to them, you must not allow yourself or anybody else to own that moment or deprioritize that time.

Today, it's the driving range for me. And guess what? I’ll still be able to start my work on time and I’ll get finish what I need to get done today. And if it doesn’t get done today, that’s what tomorrow is for. Very few things are required to be completed at a very specific moment. Everything isn’t a drop all emergency. When I come to tomorrow, I will be refreshed, restored, and ready. And guess what...IT WILL BE OK.

What are some ways that you recover? How do you share your needs with others?

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