Zachary Martin

Chief Strategist/Co-Founder

Zachary D. Martin is a global, executive leader with a passion for people, technology, innovation and development. At his core, Zachary is a strategic problem solver, whose foundational characteristics are rooted in empathy, culture and understanding. At the beginning and end of any business, the most important element is the people. This is where Zachary focuses. As a Vice President, mentor, and trainer, his firm belief is we must first gain perspective in order to make a difference. And to make a difference, you must do something that actually moves the needle. And if it doesn’t move the needle, then we shouldn’t be doing it. 

Zachary serves, and has served, in many types of organizations: startup, small, enterprise and non-profit. Gaining experience and knowledge, building individuals, teams, and departments, Zach has held many duties including: VP of Information Technology (and many other technical roles), Leadership Development Trainer, corporate mentor, Global DEI Lead, US DEI Ambassador, DEI Consultant and ERG facilitator. Serving AMS, EMEA and APAC, Zach has allowed his compassion for people and understanding of cultural nuances to strengthen his ability in building culturally diverse, highly effective teams/groups. 

Zachary’s perspective-driven approach to life and business, has been the catalyst to his standard of Servant Leadership. He brings expertise in people/process development, mergers and acquisitions, team restructuring, career pathing, policy development and technology innovation. 

When Zachary is not building, he enjoys his greatest moments with his wife, Melissa, 6-year old son, Isaiah, and two guinea pigs, Jimmy (Butler) and Kobe (Bryant). He is Chicago, born and raised.